Prevention and Treatment of Maggot Wound

Fly Strike / Maggot Wound / Myiasis is a disgusting condition that can occur in any animal including human. In broilers, especially deep litter farms in coastal areas are the most affected by this problem, because pasty vent is commonly seen due to wet litter. Flies, notably bluebottles and green bottles attracted to the warm, moist, dropping-soiled vent area of the birds and lay their eggs. Flies are also attracted to wounds as the odour and moisture of the flesh provide the perfect habitat for egg laying. The eggs hatch into maggots in less than 24 hours, begin feeding on the faeces/ skin/flesh causing deep painful sores that can become infected, ultimately causing death of the bird. Occurences of Fly Strike are most common in warm weather immediately after the monsoon and it causes huge economic loss to the farmers.

Wet Litter
Pasty Vent
Open Wound
Maggot Wound

Nutricon’s Solution for Maggot Wound

Even though it is very difficult to treat the maggot wound in commercial broilers, but it can be successfully prevented by adopting Nutricon’s “Comprehensive Fly Prevention Programme” which comprises right management techniques and by using Nutricon’s products such as OUSTER and OdoFree in a systematic way.

Deep Wound
Dead Bird


The versatile Liquid

OUSTER is a research based novel product devloped by Nutricon exclusively to control flies and for the prevention and treatment of maggot wound in broilers.


OUSTER contains fly suppressing Soil bacteria, enzymes and plant oils with organic carriers.

Benefits of OUSTER

  • Repels all types of files and eliminates maggots.

  • Drastic reduction of Pathogenic Bacteria.

  • Binds with ammonia and keep its level within the limit.

  • Helps in healing of the maggot wounds.

Dosage and Application

  • For Prevention: OUSTER has to be mixed at the rate of 100ml in 10 liters of water and sprayed on the birds, sheds and manure at the age of 24th day. The same procedure has to be repeated on 30th and 35th day of the broilers.(Dosage: 10 ml of OUSTER per liter of water). 100ml of OUSTER is sufficient for 2000 broilers.

  • For Treatment: The affected birds have to be seperated from the flock and OUSTER has to sprayed on the wounded area at the rate of 10ml in 1 liter of water.


A unique digestive deodarant

OdoFree is a symbiotic combination of Yucca Schidigera extract, Coated Probiotics and Ammonia binding zeolites. Glyco fraction of the extracts from Yucca schidigera plant is found to be effective in binding the free ammonia in the intestine as well as in the poultry litter. The Compound Polyhydroxy stilbene, which performs the urease-inhibiting activity, is rich in OdoFree. Coated Probiotics present in OdoFree, which specifically acts on the hind part of the gut, improves not only gut health but also inhibits ammonia forming bacteria in the liter by competitive exclusion.

Benefits of OdoFree

  • OdoFree inhibits urease activity in the gut and reduces ammonia production.

  • Enhances enzymatic digestive system and maintains gut integrity.

  • Reduces wet liter problem and also reduces attraction of flies towards manure.

  • Promotes a healthy intestinal micro flora especially at the hind gut by competitive exclusion.

  • Helps to prevent and overcome stress during production.

  • Improved weight gain and feed conversion.

Recommendation: 200 – 300 gm per ton of feed