About Nutricon

Nutricon is an emerging science based company managed by a team of proficient experts and highly qualified scientists with rich knowledge and diversified experience.

Our motto is to enhance “Quality of Life” by “Preserving our environment”.

Our Programmes

Nutricon's Feed Concept


The Most Powerful Feed Acidifier

Supports pre-conditions for digestion…


Gut Friendly Acidifier

Increased enzymic digestion of proteins…


An Effective Emulsifier for Poultry

Faster weight gain and improved feed efficiency…


An Ecofriendly Cocktail Enzyme Programme

Reduces feed cost by providing flexibility in feed

TB - Biotech

The Proven Multi Toxinbinder

Ensuring optimum performance in broiler, layer and  breeders.


Nutrition Based Anti - Stress System

Maintaining body temperature, electrolyte and hormonal balance


Promoting sexual health..,

Antioxidants of Spermaxx reduces the aging process of the bird.

Immune Up

A Novel Immonomodulator and..,

Immune Up is an antioxidiant which eliminates free radicals from…

Respo Relief

A Novel Immonomodulator and..,

Respo Relief soothes the respiratory tract and keeps….

Nu-Liver Up

An ideal hepatoprotective & ..,

Protect the liver from different types of toxin…