About Us

About Nutricon

Nutricon is an emerging science based company managed by a team of proficient experts and highly qualified scientists with rich knowledge and diversified experience.

Our motto is to enhance “Quality of Life” by “Preserving our environment”.

Our Vision

We intend to become a “Unique Company” by delivering affordable, effective and environmentally sound ‘Solutions’ through bioscience innovations and discoveries.

Our Research programs

We have dedicated ourselves to a strong fundamental research. Our intensive programs are targeting solutions to the current challenges faced by the industry that are conceived by an immense passion for innovation, commitment to customers and concern for the society, in an effort to build a healthier generation. We keep on challenging ourselves and strive to innovate continuously to create economic benefits to our customers. By using our methodological expertise, we always guide our customers to achieve their goals.

Our Product Stewardship

Our production facilities are equipped with an ”Advanced Quality Assurance System” and with an excellent team of skilled professionals, working around the clock to sustain high standards. Our ability to deliver high- quality products and solutions is unparalleled. We strive relentlessly and always progress ourselves, our team, our products and our services to be the best in the industry.

We are a Responsible Company

Amidst globalization and growing social awareness, people have shifted their focus from economic performance of an enterprise to the corporate social responsibility that the enterprise undertakes. We, as team toil together to achieve our short- and long-term goals and we trust that our future lies in a more sustainable environment. Thus, our pledge ‘to protect the Mother Nature’ is imbibed in all our endeavors.

Management – Employee relationship

Nutricon never uses any type of involuntary, forced, or child labor.

Our top most priority is our employee’s safety and health. We create a good working environment and ensure safety throughout our manufacturing process. We provide reasonable and timely rewards to the dedicated employees. We firmly believe that our employees are our most valuable assets and we help them to achieve a successful work-life balance.

Our employees can choose their own religious beliefs and we respect & safeguard their religious rights. We never allow any kind of discriminatory practices and we always promote equality among the employees.